Batch Event Creation Option

For one of our internal partner departments, we produce between 40-50 events for them each quarter (roughly 6-7 per week in the weeks leading up to start dates). Even though I’ve created templates for their individual events, it’s still a time-consuming task to create several dozen events. It would be nice to be able to upload an Excel sheet with the titles, dates, times, and desired vanity URLs for these events and the template Event ID to be used in the duplication, and then have those events created automatically.

I’m not sure if anyone else experiences this kind of volume, but the increase in interest across the organization in working with our team has meant we’ve needed to find the best way to scale up our process to match the volume of events we’re producing. For reference, last year we produced 6 webinars per month on average. This year, we’re producing 35 events per month. Scalability and automation are critical to our continued growth.